Interview Technique


The interview is almost over and then they ask you the last question that you forgot about – Do you have any questions for me?

This is your window of opportunity that you really do not want to miss. Participating in the interview is one factor, but what distinguishes candidates from the others is when they actively participate with the interviewee by asking them questions. Not only does this demonstrate your sincere interest in the position, it also illustrates that you’ve done your homework on the company and the position offered.

Before making a note of these, make sure you are comfortable asking the questions you have chosen otherwise your successful interview could quickly turn to an awkward one.

Ending your interview as confident as you were in the beginning is an essential element to a successful interview and they will remember you when discussing who they want to hire.



Some suggestions:

-How would you describe the general culture of the company and the workplace?

-Will there be any form of training provided?

-What are some of the biggest challenges/successes facing the department currently?

-What process will be used to evaluate my employee performance?

-Who will be my direct supervisor?

-Are there many opportunities for professional development within the company?

-What is the usual time frame for making the hiring decision?