CV Writing


Looking for a new career can be a job in itself and unless you dedicate yourself to the task, it will only become harder.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:


Be Proactive:

You need to be actively and constantly searching. 

Of course finding a job vacancy is only the first step on the road to getting a new career. Next comes the task of applying. It’s the process where you first get to showcase yourself to the prospective employer and is a “make or break” point. So what can you do to give yourself the best chance?



Companies are not just looking for people with great qualifications but are also looking at how people with fit into their business values and goals. Make sure to research the company you apply to and find out what makes them tick and what they want to achieve. Also Agencies and HR managers can receive hundreds of job applications so only apply if you have the stated relevant skills and experience detailed.



Make sure when you are job hunting that you don’t sabotage yourself by having a controversial social profile. Many companies now view online networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and if they see that the majority of your activity isn’t in line with their company image then it could put them off your application. Also too many times people forget about the smaller things like their mobile phone voicemail. Take the time to create a professional voicemail message in case you miss that important call.

Also have a professional email address.



So you have done all your research and prepared yourself, now comes the time to create your CV It’s mentioned all the time but make sure to personalise each application to the role you’re applying. Your CV should be easy to read and show your previous employment but also make sure to highlight your skills that are specific to the role. It should showcase your understanding of the advertised role, the employers’ goals and what you can offer to achieve them, mentioning any specific skills that correlate to the vacancy.

These tips should help you not only help progress your job search, but as you research it will help you decide whether you truly want to work somewhere, as you don’t want to start working somewhere only to find that you don’t like the company or the role and will leave.